Freedom APK Download Latest Version v2.3.3

Hey people, hello..!  How are you guys.? And secondly why are you here..? Let me guess you are here because of freedom apk isn’t it.?  And the answer will be absolute YES..! So, you want freedom apk to smoothen your add-on’s in Android Apps. You want unlimited keys and unlimited coins in android games.?  Then freedom apk is the app you need at most. Now, how does freedom app works.? How do you get in-app purchases for free.? How does freedom app unlock the characters and weapons, etc? This all doubts and queries we are going to look upon in our article here and also you will get to know how to download the freedom apk app.

freedom apk

Freedom Apk Details:

Latest Version v2.0.9
App Size 1.9 MB
Developer Unknown
Root Permissions Required
Downloads 20 million +
User Ratings 4.5 ★

Desired Requirements To Install Freedom Apk:

Prior to the installation of the freedom app on your device, it should match the following compatibility criteria as shown below.

  • Android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread).
  • Rooted Android phone.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 100 MB free internal storage.

Features of Freedom App:

Unanimously the freedom app is the most amazing app that a rooted android device should definitely have. This app is useful for gamers and app users as well. Since it can bypass the in-app purchases from most of the android apps. Features of freedom apk are explained below.

Unlimited Resources: Using Freedom App, allows you to get coins, gems and other resources free for which you had to pay before.

Bypass In App-Purchases: This app allows you to bypass in-app purchases in most of the Android apps and games.

Support all Android Versions: It is supported by every Rooted Android phone with Android version greater than Gingerbread (Android 2.3), up-to latest android 7.0.1 version that is Noughat.

Auto Updates: It has the auto-update feature. Update regularly so that it supports most of the android apps, thus provide better

Multi-Patches: It uses multiple patches and mods to exploit Android apps and games.

Remove Add: It can remove ads from most of the installed apps in your smartphone.


How to install FreedomApk?

To install FreedomApp, download it from the download link given above. We have explained a step-by-step installation manual below. Simply follow the steps and your installation process will be done.

Root your devices, before installing this app. In order to get this app in proper working. Otherwise, it may not work as it should be.

  1. Download apk file of freedomApp for Android from this page. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of freedom Apk for best features and performance.
  2. If you see ‘Installation blocked’ go to your device Settings >Then to Security & Then scroll down below. Here you will see an option called “Unknown Sources“.
  3. In every device, this option is disabled by default. Click to enable it, a confirmation window will appear. Tap “Ok” and done.
  4. Go to your downloads or file manager, search freedomApk. For users security purposes we kept the FreedomApk file compressed/Zipped. Also, it reduces file download size too. Unzip it.
  5. The file will get converted into apk file format, once you unzipped or decompressed it. Click on it and the installation will begin.
  6. Wait for a while, it will show “installation successful.” Now your installation process is done!
  7. Once installed, when you open the app for the first time, it may ask you for Root access or Root Authorisation. Don’t bother if your device is rooted, just allow/grant it.

Done! Your FreedomApp is successfully installed and ready. Now you can have unlimited everything in your favorite games.


Download Freedom Apk Free for your Android:

If you are looking for FreedomApp on Google Play store, then we are very sorry for you!

You can Download FreedomApk for Android from our page, as this FreedomApp violates Google’s Privacy Policy to some extent by Bypassing in-app purchases, it is not available on play store.

Our team recommends you to always Download Latest Version of Freedom App for Android for better performance and efficiency.


Wait!…. This Freedom App works on the rooted device only. You must have a rooted device.If you don’t have any, then you can root your device using the app like Kingroot. If you don’t know anything about “Root” or how to root? Then you can simply Google it.


Freedom app is not available in any legit App Store like Play Store or Amazon App Store. So, to install this Android app, you need to download APK file of this Android app on your smartphone and install it externally. (Don’t worry, we will provide Freedom Apk on our website).


Final Words:

For those, having frustration in collecting gold, coins, gems, and resources piece-by-piece, this app is a complete solution. Now you can have an unlimited number of coins, gold, gems and other necessary resources in your favorite games, absolutely for free.

If you are a newbie to FreedomApp, then you are at the right place. As above in this article, we have explained the detailed features and characteristics of this fantastic Application. You can Download FredomApp for this page, as from the above link and at the same time you can refer to the installation process as if you were having any trouble with installation.

But if you are still having any issues or queries related to this app, then you can comment us below or contact us through our “Contact Us” page.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media, just click on any of the Social Media button shown. Also, comment on your experience about this app below. We will be glad to have your feedback!

Thank You!


Is it Safe to use Freedom APP?
Many people ask this question & the answer is Yes! This app is safe to install and use.You don’t have to worry about your device & your own Safety.This application is clearly certified and tested by our experts.That’s why, it is safe.
Will google ban me for using this app?
Not in a million years.Freedom App is super-smart and powerful tool.The developers of this app is aware of this problem,so they fixed it by creating an anti-detection system in this app.So google will not ban you for using this app.But as a precaution, don’t try this app on online games.
Can I use this app on non-rooted Android device?
The answer is absolutely No!.This app requires root privilege for functioning.As,if your device is not rooted then it may won’t work.So, you can’t use Freedom Apk on non-rooted device.You need to root it first.
Do we need to pay to use this awesome application?
This app is distribute as freeware by its developer.You can download it and install it for free from our website.So you can use it free for lifetime. Also stay away from fraudulent websites, asking to pay or purchase this app.
Do this app works on all Android Versions?
This app works on all Android devices.From gingerbread V2.3 to Noughat V7.0. So it works on all Android version or devices.Also this app may work on Oreo the latest upcoming version of Android.
Is Freedom App available for IOS devices?
Currently Freedom apk is available for android only. Moreover, there is a much less chance that it will be available on IOS, unless huge updates is brought to it which probably won’t happen.If it is developed so,then we will make sure that you can download it from here.
Why FreedomAPk? When there are many other apps.
Freedom is the most recommended app for modifying games and for in-app purchases.This app is unique in its own way.Perhaps cause of its features and functionality.Better User Interface and a light-weight size and a Five Star rating.But if you still want to try any other app then you may go on.

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