Download Game Killer APK (Latest) for Android 100% Working

Feel the thrills of gaming, when unlimited game resources are brought about to your feet with Gamekiller Apk.

The days are gone, when we play hours and hours to achieve ‘High Scores’ or to purchase resources (keys, coins, gems, etc). but now with GameKiller Apk for Android, you can achieve it in just a second because we always make sure that you will always get the ‘Diamond’ and not the ‘Coal’. 

download gamekiller apk
download gamekiller apk

Actually, there are a lot of apps available for hacking and modifying game but we recommend you game killer apk the most, because of its compatibility and user-friendliness. This app is available for all Android versions. The game killer app is used by more than millions of users and you can download game Killer full version for free. Also, the game killer apk version 3.11 for Android is available to download.

What is Game Killer apk?

Gamekiller is a game modified or hacking app developed by the unknown group of hackers and suggested by experts. The app enables you to modify the values of scores, money, coins, gold, gem,etc.,in your games and you can hack games such as Mini militia, Subway Surfers, Hill Climb Racing, Candy Crush, and many other games. Gamekiller APK is used by Gamers worldwide and you can download your own free game killer app for Android from the link/download button given below.

You have also heard about apps such as GBhacker, CreekHack etc., which can modify games same as a game killer app but we can say that this app is the best because it works on all sort of games as compared to these apps.

Game Killer App Details

Developer Unknown
Latest Version v4.10
App Size 0.5mb
Downloads 20 million +
Root Permissions Required (not mandatory)
User Ratings 4.3 ★

Minimum System Requirements To Install Game Killer Apk:

  • Android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread).
  • Rooted Android phone.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 10 MB free internal storage.

Download Game Killer Apk For Your Android:

As per the Google Privacy Policy, this Gamekiller App had been removed from Google Play store.  That’s why if you want to download  Gamekiller  Apk, then you have to download it from our website.

For better performance, we always recommend you to use or install the latest version of Gamekiller App for Android.

Here you can download Gamekiller app for free. You have to just click on the download button given below.

gamekiller app logo

File Name: Gamkiller APK

Features of Game Killer APP :

  • Free of Cost: First of all, this app is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have pay/purchase to download this Gamekiller app or to install and use this App or its features.
  • Supporting OS/ device: It works on all Android Devices and supports all android versions including Noughat and recently updated Oreo OS. Don’t worry if you have Jelly Bean or GingerBread OS, as it works on OS ranging from 2.0 and above.
  • Modify all games: Gamekiller can Mod/hack all sort of offline games and even some of the online games too. So you don’t have to wait for any updates but just go for it.
  • Compatibility: Enhanced User Interface and user-friendliness give you best ever performance. The interface is very Creative and Attractive and can be handled by an Average person too.
  • Unlimited Resources: It helps you to unlock the hardest of advance game levels, and all weapons and ammunition, money, coins, gold and unlimited resources and thus help to get rid of in-app purchases.
  • Custom game codes: Gamekiller allows you to create and upload your own custom game codes. You can save your changes and can reset them again from the previous log. If you want to re-apply the changes then you have to simply click and apply the saved file.

How does Game Killer APP work?

The game killer is a game-modifying app same as GB hacker, cheat engine, etc. It can modify tons of games. As a magician never reveals his secrets but today we gonna give you a little guess that how this app works. It is based on the simple memory modifying technique, with which it can auto-identify the values of game currencies like gold, gems, keys, etc.

In the game, for each of these items, there is a specific Hex Code. Thus, gamekiller provides you with an interface, with the help of which we can edit and upgrade those Hex Codes. In this way, it helps gamers to get as much as the game currencies as they need.

For e.g,

You have about 50 gold in any car racing game and you want to unlock an advanced car, which has unlock value about 5000 gold. Then, you can simply use Gamekiller to increase your gold from ‘50 to 5000’ or ‘as much as’ you want.

But guys let us remind you that this app works on rooted devices only. Hence, make sure that your device is rooted, if not then you can root your device with King Root app.

How to install Gamekiller Apk?

To install Gamekiller, first, you have to download it from our website. The installation is quite usual and simple. You just have to refer to the step-by-step guide explained as below.

Before installing this app, you need to root your devices. Otherwise, this app won’t work as it should be.

1. You have to download apk file of Gamekiller for Android from this post. Always download Gamekiller latest version for advance and free features.

2. If you see ‘Installation blocked’ go to your device Settings >Then to Security & Then scroll down below. Here you will see an option called “Unknown Sources“.

3. This option is disabled by default, tap on it to enable it. A warning Blog will appear, don’t worry just enable it.

4. Search for Gamekiller Apk file in your downloads. For users security purposes we keep the Gamekiller  Apk file compressed. Also, it reduces file download size. Unzip it.

5. After you unzip it, the file will get converted into apk file format. Click on it and the installation will begin. Later follow these steps as below.

6. Within a few seconds, Gamekiller will be installed on your device successfully.

7. At last, after opening this app for the first time. It will ask you for root access or authorization. You have to grant it, as it requires a rooted android device to work.

That’s all! Now, this Gamekiller app is successfully installed and you are ready to use this fabulous app. Also, don’t forget to share this amazing app with your friends too. Hope you enjoy it.



Will Google ban me for using game killer?

That’s funny.

Game killer app has its own Powerful anti-detection mechanism. Or we can say that it works in super stealth mode. Which make this app impossible to detect. And as long as you do not modify online games, Google does not seem to understand. Therefore don’t worry, Google will not ban you from using game killer apk.

Why Game Killer APP is not available to download from Google Play Store?

It’s a Good Question!!!

As Game Killer is a Game modifying app, it is against Google’s Privacy Policy. Hence Google excluded it from PlayStore. You cannot download it from Google PlayStore but you can still download the latest and also all Old versions of Game Killer from this site.

Why should I choose Gamekiller app over others?

It’s a factual question!!

For modifying a particular Game with any other app, you need to rebuild its whole apk file just for a Single Modification or Multiple Modification which involves many complicated procedures. But, Game Killer gives you compatibility and a convenient interface, with which you can modify or change any values or accessories with just a single click. It can modify any values during Gameplay or while playing Game. Therefore, there is no need to rebuild any Apk which makes it more preferable and handy than other Modifying Apps.

That’s why you should choose Game Killer app.

My Android device shows that this app is Malicious? Why is so?
First of all, this App is not malicious and you can use this app without any hesitation.This app comes under Google’s Third-party app list. As this app modifies the root file data of a game, it breaches Google’s Android Security Policy. Therefore, Google states this app as malicious but we can tell you that this app will not cause any harm to your device.
Do Gamekiller support all Android Versions ?

Well, that’s interesting!

And the answer is Yes! Game Killer apk support all android versions. It supports Android versions ranging from V 2.3 (Gingerbread) to the latest android version V 7.0.1 (Noughat). So there is no problem if you have any one of these.

Is this Gamekiller app safe to use?

Yes. This app is absolutely safe to use. We can assure you of that from our research. This app modifies values in each game manually, only when you operate this app. Otherwise, this app remains dormant. Hence, there is no chance that it will update the data automatically and scramble your personal saved system data.


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